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An Overview of Islamophobia as Othering

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This study, "Islamophobia as othering" is an explanatory overview study of the widespread problem of "othering". The concept of othering means to consider the Muslims community as others in the society, especially in the western countries. The finding of this study shows that the usage of this term simultaneously increases the ideology of (US and Them). Historically, this Group-based process has ancient root in European countries and America. In fact, hundreds year before the concept of othering was used against Muslims of Spain, whom were forced to immigrate neighbor countries. Nowadays this black history once again has been repeating. Unfortunately, Muslims are scapegoat of this crisis than others. The framework of this paper is an overview based on Social Identity Theory and the researcher tried to explain the concept of "othering", in the light of carnet Islamophobia which is spread in the western media.


1-Ahmad Saeed
Student, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Islamophobia, Othering, Western Media

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IV - I

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Published: Dec 2019

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