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Private Channels' Dramas and Female Viewers Perceptions

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This study was designed to explore females' watching habits of private channels' television dramas and its impacts on their perceptions. The main purpose of this study was planning to explore the perceptions of viewers about private channels dramas. Private TV channels are attracting the public magnetically. It was also found out that whether uses and gratification model was assimilated according with nature of the study, the survey contemplated to be an apt procedure for analyzing effects and social changes introduced by the three private TV channels. Finally, proportionate sample has drawn from occupation and location, and the disproportionate sample has drawn from age and education category using cluster sampling. The findings also reveal that female viewers significantly more prefer to wear Shalwar Qameez instead of miniskirts, Jeans and Shirts respectively. Furthermore, viewers preferred outfit while going outside home is dupatta as compared to veil, scarf, and hijab respectively. On the other hand, viewers do not prefer to wear caps, having open hairs, burka and sunglasses respectively. The findings also reveal that viewers significantly pick ideas about home decoration from dramas like setting of kitchens, bedroom, TV lounge, Drawing room and washroom respectively.


1-Tayaab Raza
Career Advisor, Beaconhouse School Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Salman Amin
Lecturer, Department of Arts and Media, Foundation University Islamabad, Rawalpindi Campus, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Sajjad Ali
Lecturer, Department of Media and Communication Studies, University of Swat, KP, Pakistan.


TV Channels, Uses and Gratification, Cluster Sampling, Survey Methods, Dramas

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Published: Dec 2017

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