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Reporting Balochistan Conflict: An analysis of Professional Constraints on Journalists

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This research was conducted to investigate the main causes, pressures that affect the media reporting on Baluchistan conflict. The researcher conducted interview and survey of different reporters, journalists and media managers who work on Balochistan Conflict for fair assessment. The target population in this study was working journalists, press club leaders. The researcher conducted face to face and telephonic interview for this project. This study addressed the important professional, political, religious, financial and military related issues that effect on reporting. In this study it is examined how Pakistani media report the Balochistan Conflict and how audience and readers react to this. The aim of this research was to get in depth understanding of the factors that put journalists at risk who cover Balochistan conflict. These problems have been examined in the light of the Model of "Hierarchal Influence Model introduced by Pamela Shoemaker & Stephen D. Reese. The methodology used for the study was semi-structured qualitative interviews.


1-Syed Atif Abbas Shirazi
Reporter, Department of Jang Group of Publication, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Baluchistan Conflict, Reporting, Journalists, challenges

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Published: Dec 2017

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