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Representation of Muslims and Islam in US Print Media

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This study is an attempt to evaluate and check that how Muslims and Islam are represented /portrayed in western media through in the light of the relationship between Culture, belief, language, religion, ways of life and ideology. For finding that, headlines of larger circulated print media of the west the Independent, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, were selected w-e-f January2016 to December 2017 and Muslim and Islam representation was studied. This study explores the image of Muslims and Islam in Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun times Newspapers selected news headlines during the period 2016 to 2017. And found that the overall coverage regarding Muslims and Islam remain Negative in both newspapers. It is based on hypothesis that “the overall ratios of unfavorable coverage about Muslims and Islam would be greater than favorable coverage in Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun times” and tested through content analysis and two communication theories and media framing theory is applied. 200news items published regarding Muslims and Islam during proposed period of study in both newspapers in which in Chicago Sun times the result was (31 % coverage remained Positive 61 % remained Negative and 8 % remained Neutral) and in Chicago Tribune Positive (37 % coverage remained Positive 56 % remained Negative and 7 % news items were Neutral).The above mentioned analysis proved that Muslims and Islam are represented negatively and it proved that the western media presents a bad image of Muslims.


Assistant Director, Department of Information, KP, Government, Pakistan.


Muslims, Islam, Ideology, Stereotype, Islamophobia, Ideology, Media

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Published: Dec 2019

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