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Role of TV Talk Shows in Creating Political Awareness among Youth

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Media in Iraq after 2003 has become very effervescent in providing useful information to the people. In this research the political perspective of media information was studied where it was gauged that how media is creating awareness among masses of Iraq, as news talk shows have become integral part of electronic media in the world and it has established its trustworthiness. The researcher desires to assess the altitude of opinionated standards and level of consciousness about political contribution footed on the information about the Iraqi educated youngsters and the influence upon them by TV talk shows regarding politics. The quantitative method is used in this study. Universe for the present study consists of the general youth living in Baghdad. The researcher has selected 200 samples from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. The researcher used the non-probability sampling technique with random selection method to fulfill the requirement of data gathering from the targeted audience. A well-designed questionnaire is used in this research study as a tool for the data collection. For data analysis the SPSS software for social science research is used. The outcomes of this study show that those viewers who watch talk shows have better culture and political knowledge than those who do not watch talk shows.


1-MakiRessan Abdullah Mamori
Student, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2-Syed Inam ur Rahman
Teacher, Department of Media and Communication Studies, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Talk Shows, Media, Democracy, Youth

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Published: Dec 2017

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