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Hollywood Interpretative Overview on Communism: An Analysis of Pre, During & Post-Cold War Era

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The US’s communist or socialist fright began in the late 1800s, the moment when blue-collar workers stood up in opposition to get their fundamental integrity, remuneration betterment etc., and the attainment of such integrities from intercontinental supremacies, and to have remained in opposition to such economical way of mechanism. The fears of communism and their followers of anti-harmony to US community were seen among the structural class systems of ethnic interconnectedness. The elementary struggle is related to the portrayal of Communism and their followers in Hollywood productions. It relates to exacerbating negatively frame about their ideological depictions, communist countries and the individuals interlinked with it.


Key Words

Hollywood, Ideology, Propaganda, Communism, Social Constructivism. 



Media practice in Conflicts: A Background Story

The foremost utilization and function of the structured mass media is its part in politics that reminds WWI wherein about entire states took a part. The useful media procedures utilized containing mass generation at exacerbating stage. The foremost advantage is referred to Britain leadership due to providing the initial pattern in the shape of dominant organizations at degree of masses. The British hired-based media to set their intended propaganda and the media of that era functioned to promote fight in homes, influenced other states for making neutral coalition, and strategize to stand against the propaganda of Germany too. The handlers of Britain commanded media at various levels and utilized press as in movies, influencing through lectures with developing the encouraged atmosphere for leadership while to deal conflicting matters.

The CPI (Committee of Public Information) that’s also called as Creel Committee, founded by Wilson, the president of US country. Functionally, the committee was formed to get communal and other favor for United States when taking a part in fight, seemed a little stage of that era. It also functioned to shape native view by using various newsletters, consistently distributing pamphlets, provision of press releases and the usage of motion-picture.

The 20th century’s bygone is seemed as thecollection of notorious elements, but does not show that it has been or would be the same in the futuristic period.

The cynicism of propaganda is proved accurate while its implementation is demonstrated by a German named as Joseph Goebbels who is known as the master-planner of coaxing, moreover he stressed on sending propaganda content through the medium of motion pictures and through Radio transmission. Additionally, he had lots of information about the significance of mass media for balancing and controlling the Radio production units while inspiring this production industry to provide purchasable Radios. He furnished loud-speakers in populated areas and assigned the professionals for monitoring the consumption of Radio sets, further he mechanized the system of press control to monitor journalistic activities and the transmission of Radio. The strategy influenced in the form of surging Radio consumption in Germany and this consumption increased from 4.5 million-16 million within the time period of 1933-42.The propaganda model of Nazis showed great consequences when they established couple of rallies and consistently marched in the entire German region.

During the war in Vietnam media functioned as a governmental language that was an explicit alteration at that era and it was a crucial task to counter this governmental propaganda for media. Notwithstanding the powerful range of media, it was influenced by the governmental pressures. t this war time, it was established a gap of knowledge by Britain on their doings in Falkland fight, 1982. It was acted to maintain its hegemony of knowledge because of the exacerbated wideness and proximity matters of dispute. In another dispute of Panama, a mechanism of pool-press for arranging and encouraging transmitting the update of news except media, and this kind of press system was popular in the fight of Gulf also


Hollywood and Communism

Edwards (1997) in his research study has found a constantly antagonistic depiction of communism during Hollywood fighting movie productions and found such creations as a brain washing tool and beneficial strategy for altering ideological conceptions. He also found the construction of Office of War Information (OWI) on the middle of June, 1942 in White House to aware the people about war information through their mainstream media. The movie Bataan (1943) (WWII combat movie) gave an explicit sign to devastate the Japanese assailant. Further, he has stressed on the point of Hollywood’s shift to produce fighting movies as the voice of terror (1942), Confirm or Deny (1941), Tarzan Triumphs (1943), Parade (1942) and The Phantom Plainsmen made a strategy for revealing actual governmental conception and military favoritism via Hollywood’s productions. The analyzer stressed on major research on movie making by Hollywood and TV as source of film transmission in the period of 1950-53 while the fight in Korea. The study has majorly found that majority of movies were produced related to WWII. Mark Crispin Miller, a film historian has interpreted the films in the era of 1930’s to 1970’s fighting films were constructed and seem to be negatively prevalent. Hollywood produced more anti-communists movies as My Son John (1952) while the session of Red Scare. It is narrated that such productions were made to aware the people not for making the wealth.

Hendershot (2003) analyzed the negative depiction of communism of US leadership and the character of all types of mainstream media within early fifties and mid sixties and found governmental propaganda through the films as Red Nightmare, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Adventures to depict communism negatively. In opposition to Communism a movie named as One Lonely Night presents the matter of sexual seduction stance and it is found that communists are depicted as an ideology of alluring sexualities. The researcher has analyzed era of 50’s because of a continuous media’s depiction and portraying through various other US strategic tools. In that era it was a school of thought that middle class favor and accept communism commonly than high class that indicates an oblivious and ignorance for communists. While analyzing it is also measured that the US’ leadership and its mainstream media developed all their efforts to urge hate against Communism elements in their people’s conceptions and cultural routines by handling their minds in the shape of complex thoughts. Shaw & Youngblood (2010) researched while 1948 to 1953 and found 70 films about Communism with full of hate against them. They both analyzed the propaganda device as a most useful tool in US and USSR. The character of various supporting institutions against Communism are not ordinary in the described time as in this regard, the active groups including Catholic Legion of Decency & Production Code Administration were dispensing globally the movies and US cinema as an art shifted into defensive tactics.


Research Questions

·         What is the Hollywood portrayal in filmic themes related to Communism and Communists from 1978 to 1991?

·         What’s the Hollywood portrayal in filmic themes related to Communism and its Communists from 2001-2013?


Theoretical Framework: Social Constructivism

The stress for constructing is the conception of ideas and rules for apprising the characters through intercontinental extracts and, this development stress on social constructions of realism in social theory and, like human being and foreign connections are rooted majorly in thinking & ideas rather than focusing materialism or powers. In accordance with the constructivism philosophy, social populace is given none that is why it is built through human by him and there is nothing may solve it with the help of few theories of science or via related procedures. Social world may be structured at point of views, rules, notion, philosophy and linguistics, discussion of specific signals and specific allies of humans as nations and, related world is for those who construct it and prefer to be settled in it and it is because they build by their own.


Research Design

The current study is related to quantitative & qualitative description of content analysis procedure.


Qualitative Data Collection Methods and Techniques

While this research work, there are 2 procedures of collecting data as Neuman (2003, 2013:115) direct qualitative content Analysis & Neuman (2007:330) 3 stages coding’ procedure.



At stage one of the themes extracted from the existing theories mentioned in following as Ideology, culture and Politics. In second stage, the researcher has to elaborate codes in detail so that at final stage of analysis this system would aid for researching. To fulfill the open coding system, Neuman (2003:442) has introduced 5 steps of coding system that includes as: Labeling, Defining, Given Perticular Characerstics, Flags and Examples against codes

From the 3rd stage of Neumann (2007:332), the researcher has initiated inter-linking between data, coding & themes at this 3rd stage. At this step, there must be enough information of raw-data; it is because under the past knowledge, the research could illuminate or connect again or defined again the coding system related the themes and the existed code. The 4th stage is related to the non-identified material. The analysis, new or sub-codes would be needed if any portion of material is not coded or port. 


Labeling, Defining, Characteristics, Flags and Examples of Ideology

In the research, the communisms of Communism are intended to be measured with putting both negative and positive frames. In the Hollywood films, the Communism related ideology is usually interconnected with other variables in which all categories are being assigned to measure the frames i.e. ‘the Communism must be condemned because it is ideologically other globally’ is related that Communism and its ideological supporters are the bastion of extremism, handling powers religiously and ideologically and, they are further analyzed as intolerants for Western countries and US. To measure the frames ‘Communism must not be condemned due to their dissimilarity for as ideologically other globally’ is related that Communism and its ideological followers are tranquil, ineffective, and tolerant for Western countries and especially for US.


Labeling, Defining, characteristics, Flags and Examples of Culture

In the research study, the Communism’s culture may be measured while analyzing usual Hollywood depictions in the films. There are two frames are made either positive or negative by analyzer i.e. ‘Communism has un-accepting cultures and should be convicted’ such frames are connected that Communism and ideological supporters either have bad lifestyle, or they are seemed to be ignorant. To measure the second frame ‘Communism hasn’t un-accepting cultures and must not be convicted’ is concerned that they have a good lifestyle not lothario.


Labeling, Defining, characteristics, Flags and Examples of Politics

There are 2 frames are gained, positive and negative, from Hollywood films about Communism i.e. ‘Communism is conservative like political-system & it’s not being accepted globally’ is related that Communism and its ideological followers are politically one-sided characters, Cruel rulers. While measuring another frame ‘Communism are depending on the new political system & accepted globally’ is related that Communism and their ideological supporters are not biased, good leaders and un-forceful ones.


Portrayal of Communism and Communists in Hollywood Movies 1978-1991

There is a drama or a fighting film named as Dear Hunter formed by Michael Cimino that’s containing few of the labors at a factory earning in peninsula, and they were named in War in Vietnam. The story of the film is related to the plight how these workers face during fight and it is seen that the portrayal of fight, Communism & its ideological believers were depicted extremely negative, and framed like politically and ideologically others and shown like bastion of extremism, zero tolerance for US. They were also seen as handling their own ideological positions, biased political approach, and cruel ones. It is believed that this is the 1st film that showed war situation on the digital screen. In a single and intense scene, Viet Cong Guard was depicted extremely negative. In the scene, Viet Cong camp where the guard was loudly shouting to shoot or to operate the gun’s trigger.

In the age of WWII, the time when the Soviet, Cuban forces and Nicaraguans initiated to land in Colorado Public High School, an action, drama or a fighting movie named as Red Dawn16 made by John Milius is produced in this contextual bygone Colonel Ernesto Bella was the character who was depicted as nasty commie, involved in too much blood shedding. Red Dawn is about Bella’s invasion with his Russian troops in the Colorado. A small group of teenagers fight with them to save their city from ruthless commies.

Invasion USA 1985 by Joseph Zito is an action thriller film in which a communist terrorist was shown to plan an unleash terror in the USA but, before implementing on the plan, he went to the former CIA agent due to his nightmare of killing own self by the CIA agent but, he had recruited to go towards the terrorist. After Colonel Ernesto Bella of Red Dawn, no one was the daring communist villain than Mikhail Rostov. He planned with other communists to attack on Florida. In the Command of Rostov, they depicted themselves as the disaster for the Americans by shooting on shopping malls, and drove tanks in streets.

In a comedy and romance drama, Heaven Help us 18 made by Michael Dinner in 1965 when a youngster Michael Dun appears at ST. Boys School of Basel Catholic wherein Michael Dun proved to be a friend of some non-fit classmates. The movie’s story is fitted on the psyche of teachers and their students largely. While in various scenes and character’s performance, many times it is focused for brainwashing through teachers to their students so, it can be clearly seen how Communism and its ideological supporters are called a threat and showed as negatively for ideology and their culture.

There is a drama or a thriller movie named as White Nights directed by Hackford illustrates pro-capitalism while anti-Communism stance, aimed the soviet-communist totalitarian-dictatorship on Russian actor who’s swapped away in America for his better career. It influenced Soviet Communism and its oppressive rule. Because of the oppression in Communist states, lots of the actors fled away to other states. Further, the movie’s story is based on two ballet dancers named as Rochenko & Cheeko. The first among them, Rochenko who harmed the West and against Raymond Greenwood altered the corners of Russia. It can clearly be seen that Communism and its supporters were portrayed extremely negative. The second ballet dancer, Colon Cheeko and containing some more were followers of Communism and showed their dislike against US and West.

Salvador by Oliver Stone can be seen as a Thriller or a war movie that was made because of the political effort carrying in the EL-Salvador in 1980 while turbulence US photo-journalist was captured by the enemies. The story of this movie is based on a political effort among US & Communist states. America adopted forces in the El-Salvador to eradicate feasts of communism while whole of these tactics were consumed by communists who were seemed so wrathful. A photo-journalist Richard Bowl travelled to the War-zone in EL-Salvador wherein he’s caught by the communists there. The movie portrayed extremely negativities of communists. Even, a violent scene of rape was shown of a nurse, and quoted such incident as a real occasion of that specific time period. The Communism was widely shown like the fright as they’re brutally & highly interested for governing globally with the support of their ideologies.

Rick Rosenthal made a drama film named as Russkies that’s based on friendship of a US boy and a Russian Sailor. The film shows a mind shift from Russians negative imaged one to a best one. US boy’s befriend with Russian seller, and presented a good picture of Russian ideology. Moreover, the movie portrayed Communism & its supporters negatively while a little a bit positive stance to whole movie.

A movie that has multiple actions, crime, drama, mystery and romance and thriller elements made by Roger Donaldson named as No Way Out22 is related to the politician that mistakenly took the life of his mistress containing few political leaders among Soviet foes. This movie indicates the negative portrayal of Communism & its supporters were depicted as other in ideology and politics. It can also be seen that they were shown as mismatching to US cultural style.

There is another release as action, thriller or adventure movie named as The Hunt for Red October made by John McTiernan. This movie is related to the USSR’s great submarine’s Captain, who violated the instructions and acted in the interests of US. The name of submarine was Red October that used to have special hidden qualities. The movie’s story got further twists in various angles for halting Russians using missile technology against America. The containing Positive dialogues, roles, and scenes confirmed its friendly America stance while depiction of negative dialogues, roles and scenes showed the Communism and its ideological followers politically and ideologically negative and others.

Another film made by Irwin Winkler named as Guilty by Suspicion proceeded in 1991, the time when Housing-Committee on non-US initiated finding in Hollywood in opposition to communism. In 1947, the very first fight of post-war HUAC hearing conducted in Washington DC & blacklist of ten unfriendly Witnesses, a producer, 8 writers, and a director were being solicited. It was the period when couple of Hollywood’s Liberals shifted to other areas. The movie was majorly related to suspicious black-listed step of the time. David Miller, a director wasn’t a communist in ideology while he’d to tackle the activities of House of non-American Committee. In a film, his name mentioned in blacklist when did not support the described committee for protecting his friends. In the film, the projection of communism is shown as a huge fright and hazardous threat and like bastion of extremism and, this depiction was mentioned the communism and its followers as ideologically and politically others.


Portrayal of Communism and Communists in Hollywood Movies from 2001-2013

An action, crime or thriller film Spy Games directed by Tony Scott is related to CIA operative who’s nearly to be retired. When he listens about the arrestment of Mr. Tom Bishop, a Chinese Communist to be alleged as a foe Mr. Muir who was CIA operative too took a step for using his expertise for liberating Bishop. In the movie, the communists of China are portrayed like bastion of extremism, unkindness, opponent to US, terrible, loathe and fundamentalists. Moreover, the movie portrays the picture as “be bad for treating bad”. Some CIA characters are seen as positive who wanted tranquility as Prison guards, Captains of Vietnam, VC General Vietnam and General Hun-Chea were entirely portrayed as negatively and opponent to US.

A sort of drama or romance movie, The Majestic directed by Frank Darabont is set on a blacklisted author of Hollywood named, Peter Appleton who was a youngster with full of enthusiastic writer of Hollywood productions jointly with HSS (Hollywood Huston Studios) while golden time period (1950) of Hollywood. All the matters were seemed to be normal and the movie was nearly to be released, and he was planning to date with an attractive celebrity, but instantaneously a twist occurred and he was alleged by HUAC to attend a company with communists while in a college, and unfortunately, he was shown before congress members. He felt shocked when he found his name in the list of blacklist authors. Later, he was died in a car accident near to a village of California, USA. In a movie theatre, he showed a tremendous performance on digital screens. Very soon, the haunter of communism found him and asked him to be tested his potential. There is no any negatively depicted communist character while they were thought as fright and for US, an anti-ideological broadly. There are many of the scenes and dialogues are framed negatively about Communism largely. While his discussion before members of committee, he focused for proving not a person who’s influenced and facilitator for communism doctrine in these same words.

“I'm sorry... but it occurs to me that there is a bigger issue today than whether or not I'm a Communist”

Eva Gardos directed An American Rhapsody that is either biography or drama-based movie which toppled with forceful flees of couple Margit and Peter belonged to communist state, and travelled to America along with their daughter in the night time. The whole family members strove an audacious gate-way grassing over from the heavily armed bordered territory. Mistakenly, they missed their daughter at their newly home at Los Angeles city of US. The daughter faced hardships to be adjusted with them when she reached to her actual parents back in US. Next, the father admitted to send her back for Hungarian country. But eventually Margit did not accept it and decided to go back to Hungary once again and found those who took care of their daughter.

Phillip Noyce’s The Quite American is full of Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller and War movie that’s related to a novel of Graham Greene. It’s about a reporter who was Hungarian Saigon to record a conflicting situation among powers of France and communism. Then his job merely relaxed his life and filled stories off the field. His biography of Saigon proved to be a great fled from his routine in London because of his uncongenial relationships with a catholic lady that was not willing for giving him divorce. Then he developed affairs with a dancing girl at Saigon. It can be seen that the movie blew out the atmosphere of fright of Stalin largely and portrayed how crucial the lives of individuals living in Hungary that was a communist-based state. The depiction of communism and its ideological supporters were frames negatively and shown politically and ideologically as others. It is also seen that the armed forces of this ideology were shown like tyrant, bastion of oppression and ignorance.

Gavin O’Connor directed Miracle that’s a Drama, Biography, History and Sports related movie corresponds to a real situation of tremendous times in the bygone of sports. In the Olympics, the US Hockey coach made a newly team squad in opposition to Russian Hockey team in 80’s. a miracle occurred when US players took it as a strenuous national integrity challenge and got success for the dignity of their country. It was the time period of Cold War was being settled down. The movie has surged the antagonism in politics and doctrine among US and Russians in the sector of games. The character of communism and Russians is depicted greatly anti-America and as ignorant. Overall, USSR national Hockey players were portrayed as negative.

Trey Parkeris made Team America; World Police as an action and comedy movie that reveals the North Korean communist leader who’d became a member of pacific characters & actresses to reach the destructive weapons and these are the efforts of Team America to restrain the destructors to do so. The movie presented US patriotic elements and discouraged the communist threat and their doctrine as well. Even the communists of North Korea were thought negative ones to stop their leaders for consuming global destructive weapons. Through this movie, it is focused for stopping the idea of global destruction and multiplication of fear. The movie is the effort to focus stereotypic frame of US wherein it’s planned for influencing her strategies globally. The movie presents a plot with full of fun in such a way that United States yearns for composing the US strategies has enough power to control the globe that reason illustrates the term Team America; the world Police. The role of Kim Jong-il, a real sign of threat for global fixity and portrayed as a negative communist. The movie further reveals that when he was invited on a party, the whole city was in drinking condition. Eventually he alarmed for acting to decrease the globe as third world state. In this situation, Team America interpreted as anti-terrorism force strove and began to safeguard the individuals from the brutalities of Communism.

George Clooney directed Good Night and Good Luck as a Biography, Drama and History movie. A BS news reporter & his producer thought to initiate a step-in opposition to McCarty and revealed his fright about Communism and its ideological supporters. The movie has various positive and supporting scripts of the various roles and scenes about Communism and Communists. Deliberately, it’s reported for challenging the influence of McCarty’s fright from Communism and announced that it causes no any fright and the stability of globe would never be affected by the communism stance. The movie portrayed the doctrine of Communism as negative but not hazardous as McCarty predicted paranoia & extreme fears. The reporters tackled couple of negative temperament but they remained hopeful. They strove to assist for bringing down the most conflicting senators in a bygone of US. They also tackled unfair allegations while they were against McCarthyism and demanded for the connections with communism doctrine before major broadcasting in opposition to McCarty.

The director Steven Spielberg directed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull32 that’s the action, adventure and fantasy movie wherein the intense material against Communism is projected. The story of the film is lying while the intense times of Cold War in USSR for exposing the secrets of Crystal Skull. It is another movie that’s related against Communism impact with a thrilling script for finding skull in Russian state by Jones and asked for a location to save the skull and safeguard the West from disintegration. The script of movie presented Communism and its ideological supporters like worst villains and exposed them as moral destructors and misguiding doctrine. It veneers the bygone of communism lots of times i.e. Why this is called monstrous lust and evil? Such evil type of a character can be seen in this movie was Col. Dr. Irina Spalko depicted as tyrant and opponent to West and Capitalism. The characters as Ging Harrison Ford LaBeouf, force of CGI gophers & Dovchenko were portrayed negatively, in a notorious manner, communist as villain and their doctrine dissimilar to the entire world.

Spalko announced her bygone of communism and called it like governing doctrine globally and depicted it ideologically others.

Phillip Noyce’s action, crime, mystery or thriller-based movie Salt is based to an agent of CIA, who’s extremely trustworthy for all containing the boss, Ted Winter. A twist seen in the movie when she turned for indicting as a Russian foe and keeping huge opponent to Communism that matches the stance of anti-communism approach and showing communism as a wrong and negatively individuals and bad doctrines. The movie represents US foreign relationships with South Koreans, Russians and Arabs. In usual, communists were murdered on large scale for thinking it as a necessary step for global fixity. The people of communism doctrine were treated brutally. In US, lots of communists were killed and US officials were providing safeguard to their president from the attack of communist’s foes. The murders of Russian individuals were extremely justified in this movie for stopping their harming doctrine and to gain good and sympathetic temperament of the viewers, but the murders of US’s is shown as they were positive warriors as they strive for democratic values and has fought for safeguarding the president of US. Later on, the sign of Russia’s cell the place where the children were treated with wrath and tyrant against US and against their strategies and Salt. Another twist arose in the movie when Salt murdered the whole pro-communist cell with force when she knows about the agenda of their Russian boss, and then the role of Salt shifted from pro-communism to pro America. In the end, Mr. Ted Winter shotly killed the president’s Personal Service Agent & National Security Officers ruthlessly. It is seen that at North Korean Border MP and torturer, Russia’s KA members and Orlov all of them made a fake drama to be a negatively Communist roles. Next negative role is of Ted Winter, aka Sleeper who’s being trained in Russians field from his Child-age till becoming a CIA member. He wanted to be closed to leadership hidden secrets and especially the nuclear arsenal, and unfortunately nobody could suspect him but his fellow identified as he’s going to initiate World War III.

Tomas Alfredson has made Tinker Tailor Soldier is the Thriller, Drama or Mystery movie that’s constructed while Cold War era in 70’s. A Chairman of British Intelligence gave resign after the surgical operation in the Budapest. He did it because he thought that the institute where he was doing job, there were one out of four Communists. It can be evaluated as a new modern tool of propaganda against Communism and its ideological supporters from inception to the termination of story.A CIA agent reached to Russia to evaluate their trade strategy that’s thought majorly important for US leadership. A twist can be noticed when Americans the doubted Russian mole is on high secret mission and surprisingly a retire CIA worker was hiding him. For finding the spy Tar and Smiley aided a lot. The story this movie created a suspense while, it is known later that the actual spy was Bill Haydon who was thought the extremely trustable individual for their agency. In the movie, Bill Haydon is seen the most frightful foe and a communist in doctrine as the other foes utilized various tactics as compared to Communist villain which distinguish their appearance. Russians are depicted in the movie negatively. A Hungarian Waiter is seen a character who dislikes US because of their strategies. The negativity of Russians further can be seen in the shape of a Spy Master named as Karla as a negative character.



The portrayal in US movies is seen significantly complicated and is based on bygone games as through this kind of medium the eventual history in terms of Cold War is analyzed a jackpot of multiple purposes. In supposition, there are two aspects among them one is the portrayal of bygone episodes in the movies specifically and secondly its interconnectedness with current political scenario is seemed eminent. The US global demonstrated meddling and its influence in Hollywood productions can be seen very mobilized and active. Vnhala(2011) analyzed the US intercontinental strategy, its fiscal and commercial attentiveness about movie making industries. Moreover, the above described both aspects are related the pattern of Hollywood depictions the world-wide atmosphere of terrorism from Iranian captive catastrophe to September, 11 incidents. Further, he, in his book, interpreted major 3 portions, among them one is related to the bygone of intercontinental terrorism and its linkages with modern mode of media, filmmaking and bitter intact with US international strategies. The portion 2 is related to Cold War age and administrative politics of President Regan while solving disputes, exemplifying the movies as Commando and Iron Eagle while portion no. 3 is related to Hollywood concern after Cold War when the depiction of Hollywood movies and its great concerns containing terrorist of Europe in the franchise of Die Hard, Patriot Games, The Jackal and Ronin, Passenger 57, Blown away, terrorism of Islamic fundamentalism in True lies Executive decision, the fright of again arrival of communism in Air Force One and for September, 11 incident in the movie The Siege.

The whole screens of cinemas showed an ideological warfare in fighting ages when the fights were actively fought in the films. Hollywood, a US-based film industry, helped its leadership in the shape of strategic ally in the described fighting era. This film industry distinguished the friend and spy. It is quite similar as Totman (2009) analyzed the Hollywood productions proved to be the major weapon to define US adversary while tuff ages. While analyzing the case study on various countries as Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iraq and Sudan, the intercontinental considerations of US about these described states like rouge countries and it is also seen the Hollywood depicted them negatively. The research has found Cuba as a proxy country of USSR in Hollywood films and expressed the Cubans a scoundrel country under United States’ planned strategy. Libya depicted as varying and mixed approach due to the Washington’s specific political contacts with Libya.

It is not a factual element of portraying movies but the negatively depictions are the concerning aspect. Anyone may not acquire positively depicted Communist individuals in the films if it is found it would be very little a bit shift. The bygone of Westerns is clear to highlight Communism and communists as others.


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