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Impact of Music on Vocally Expressed Emotions and Moods in Nostalgia

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The impetus of this research work is to study the impact of musical therapy and songs to excite the human emotion with respect to the past memory. At the primitive music history, music was the tool of entertainment and was in the access of elite class only. But now a day it is in the access of every hand in the form of mobile music player. This will figure out the role of music in our life with respect to its role in emotion driving ability. Considering the influence and the role of music in controlling our psychology, it is much important that it should be used as positive emotion driver. This research will help us to explore the use of music in our routine life and endeavours to determine its value to our emotions. Private school teachers will be asked to share their experience about Nostalgia remembering their past


1-Ashraf Iqbal
Incharge, Department of Mass Communication, Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

2-Umia Gul
MPhil Scholar, Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

3-Noorulain Nasir
Lecturer, SMCS, UMT, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.


Music Therapy, Mixed Emotion, Nostalgia, Remixing of Songs, Emotion Trigger, Mood Changer

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Published: Sep 2020

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