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Media Framing of Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and USA

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Security in the region is one of the most important matters in international studies because it had many ups and downs during last decades. Although International Society leading U.S. sent troops to Afghanistan in order to fight against international terrorism, but still security challenges are remained the same. However, currently there is more consideration on roots of terrorism in Pakistan, but they are going to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after 2014. Some countries were pessimistic on presence of U.S. because they think U.S. has interests in Asia, controlling China, Russia and Iran. But others are worrying about future of region; especially that extremism is being expanded to the east part of China, Central Asia, and even to the south borders of Russia. Strategic agreement between Afghanistan and U.S. may have both negative and positive effects and impacts on security in the region. This research paper investigates Afghan media towards bilateral security agreement between Afghanistan and USA and its impact on regional peace and security. For this purpose, it examines the type of coverage's about security agreement get in newspapers. Content analysis of news reports from years 2014 to 2017 has done in order to know the framing of security agreement. Results reveal that media has been releasing favorable, natural and unfavorable coverage on security agreement.


1-Tayyab Ur Rahman Khitab
Student, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan


US, Afghanistan, Peace Talks, Media Framing

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Published: Dec 2018

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