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Men's Perception of Women Regarding the Internet Usage in the Khyber Agency Pakistan: An Exploratory Study

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Khyber agency is located near the border of Afghanistan, due to continuous war in Afghanistan, patriarchal society and domination of males, the women of Khyber agency have no access to education, basic human rights and internet technologies. This paper investigated the gender discrimination in the use of the internet in the Khyber agency of Pakistan, the war-torn area adjacent to Afghanistan. A mixed method approach visa-vis in-depth interviews and purposive survey of the respondents was used to collect data. The in-depth interviews were analyzed using NVivo and SPSS was employed to analyze survey data. The findings indicate that there is a digital divide that promotes gender discrimination in the Khyber agency regarding the internet usage. The patriarchal nature of the tribal society deprives women from internet contributing to the gender discrimination. Additionally, the male dominance of the rural tribal society is associated with stereotypical discourses of women.


1-Arif Ahmad
Visiting lecturer, Department of Mass communication, National university of Modern Languages, NUML University Islamabad, Pakistan.


Internet Usage, Gender Discrimination, Khyber Agency, Rural Areas, Pakistan.

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Published: Mar 2020

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